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What is Driving YOUR Business Decisions?

Every company needs an effective decision support system and a way to manage the large quantities of data that are accumulated over the lifetime of an organization.

While capturing, analyzing, and retaining data is important, organizations struggle to quantify the business value of their AI.

Too many companies and competitors focus on having voluminous amounts of data, but don’t necessarily understand which data is relevant and how that data can be used for root-cause, causal decision-support purposes.

At last, a way to pull ALL of your Data together!

Knowledge is power and a key driver of business continuity. The unique corporate knowledge held in your company provides a distinct competitive advantage if you can fully access it and exploit its potential.

The magic happens when a solution addresses human needs and leverages human expertise. Transforming knowledge into various mediums for dissemination to an organizations’ workforce, partners, distribution channels and supply chain is critical to enabling on-demand access to valuable information in any format.

Acquired Insights’ Clarity™ solution combines intelligence, technology, and human expertise to confront real-world issues with trusted real-world tools and solutions.

Knowledge: Getting the Most out of Your Most Valuable 'Data'

For an AI solution to be effective, it needs access to massive amounts of enterprise data from which to learn.

What is needed is a complete closed-loop platform with intelligent, enterprise-wide critical decision support that brings together comprehensive knowledge capture methodologies and analysis tools that disseminate real-time insights, predictions and suggestions.

Our Clarity™ framework is so flexible, it can be used in a wide variety of industries AND is agnostic with respect to the source of data.

The real beauty?

Aggregate organizational knowledge and insights are communicated both proactively and reactively. Through our powerful, user-friendly app, you can ask a question and get an answer based on all of the information available within its reach, or you can let the solution deliver notifications to you as needed.

Capturing information, knowledge and data, and employing SMART software that adapts to customer behavior, enables organizations to unlock the "trapped" value of their data, making it actionable.

An effective and multi-faceted approach to bridge the gap between disparate systems, processes and people. Implemented without disruption.

Integrate Real-Time Data From ANY Source

Unstructured data, including Behavioral data, is fundamentally changing business. It has proven to be highly predictive in establishing behavior.

However, Behavioral Data is hard to gather, store and control.

Our Behavioral Data Warehouse (BDW) has been designed to work with your existing systems, business processes, and workforce. 

By employing the BDW, organizations can rapidly implement and benefit from a fully functional, predictive behavioral warehouse at a fraction of the cost it would take to build in house. BDW allows organizations to focus on the key areas, gaining insight from predictive data rather than the time consuming task of acquiring, testing and managing it.

BDW is easy and fast to implement with minimal intrusion, has enterprise-wide depth - delivering quantitative and measurable, benefits in the following areas:

  • Customer life cycle management
  • Next-best-action
  • Digital marketing
  • Dynamic customer segmentation
  • Conversion optimization
  • Dynamic customer journey
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Mass personalization
  • Risk adjusted pricing
  • Collections optimization
  • Claims prediction
  • Lead evaluation
  • User identification
  • User digital fingerprinting
  • Cross-sell, up-sell
  • Affordability prediction
  • Default prediction
  • Limits management
  • Robo-underwriting
  • Fraud detection/prevention
  • Retention management
  • Churn prevention
  • Robo-medical assistant
  • Marketing campaign optimization

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Industry Agnostic Real-Real World Solutions

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Organizations across many verticals use our solutions to:

  • replace manual entries

  • identify high ROI (low hanging fruit) that is quick to implement

  • improve financial performance such as sales/merchandising/sponsorships

  • decrease cost of customer acquisition

  • increase customer satisfaction & renewals

  • decrease operational costs

  • identify change management initiatives

  • optimize revenue/performance and contracts

Best Practice, Optimization, Human Enhancement and Transparency

Our virtual/digital robots can be used to assist in a variety of business functions, for example:


Financial Services/Insurance and Telecom

  • Robo-underwriting
  • Contact centers
  • Customer service/bank teller training
  • Increasing Average Revenue per User
  • Customer satisfaction/retention
  • Strategic workforce optimization
  • Profitability forecasting and realization


  • Increasing operating efficiencies by 20%
  • Reducing costs by 30%, reducing fraud by 30%
  • Reducing staff turnover by 20% - 50%. 
  • Through our Robo-Medical Assistant we can suggest best test, treatment and procedures to optimize successful outcomes and quality of care, based on symptoms, patient profile, medical history and diagnosis, thereby increasing quality of care and medical procedures outcome by 5-10%.

Through our collaboration with Hanson Robotics, we are now exploring the licensing of humanoid robots to large and mid-market Financial Services Industry (FSI) and insurance firms to assist in the training of underwriters, analysts, agents, tellers and customer service representatives, as well as developing customized humanoid robot solutions for the healthcare industry. 

If this interests and excites your Senior Executive Team, get in touch with us to learn more:

Why Clients Choose Us:

 Better Decision Support

OpEx/CapEx Reduction 

Rapid Implementation

Scale For Growth

Crises Avoidance

Improved Profitability

What Clients Say

"We have been engaged in hackathons and skunk work projects with other vendors for the past 18 months. You have shown me more about how AI/ML can specifically benefit our business in the first 30 minutes of our meeting than they have in 18 months.

They're out, You're IN!"

Global Business Transformation Leader

Strong Financial Industry Expertise

We know change can be hard for people.
Our aim is to mitigate risk, optimize digital transformation speed and results,
and save you money.

 As an innovative firm, with considerable experience in the Financial Industry,

we specialize in rapidly implementing cross-industry solutions that provide immediate, measurable, and scalable value.

Drive strategic impact in your organization today!

Partial List of Solutions

Behavioral Data Warehouse

Highly predictive behavioral data improves customer visibility and helps you make better decisions.

Behavioral data enables you to adapt your digital customer journey to each customer, improve conversions, increase automation, reduce cost, risk, fraud, defaults and much more.

Automate the collection, storage and quality control of your behavioral data. No trial and error. Rapid implementation and a fully customized, functional, predictive solution for a fraction of the time and cost it would take to build such a system in house are now possible.

Decision Engine

Captures and intelligently processes a large range of data in real-time.

This includes application, third party, behavioral, social, geo-location, financial, bureau, digital fingerprint, imaging, digitized speech, IoT and many other types of data.

It allows the non-technical user to define complex workflows, rules logic and executes real-time decisions. These are used to adapt the customer journey in real time and progressively react with the evolving customer profile.

RoleFit Survey (RFS)

Predict how successful someone will be in a given job on a consistent day to day basis; our clients tell us it is more than 97.6% Accurate.  Included are 1,200+ job descriptions and a unique job competency profile for each job. 

Create custom job descriptions and job competency profiles for you to meet more specific and rigorous needs. Enjoy a fast and clear measure of applicant/employee suitability for a specific job.

Hire Better and Faster for Less $$; Hire Less OFTEN; More Productive Workforce, More "Fully Engaged" Employees.

HR/Data Audit

Quickly and accurately identify where your HR or Data processes are thriving, and where there is a requirement for specific changes to maximize your investment dollars.

We have cracked the code on what makes high performing processes and teams successful. We can quickly help you by providing leading practices decision support to get there, including mandated compliance.

Assess how your company's data is fit for a given purpose. This involves profiling the data and assessing the impact of poor quality data on the organization's performance and profits.

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